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Carnival Firenze
Long Beach is fun, but it isn’t known as a hotspot of Italian culture... yet! In spring 2024, Carnival Firenze will debut, setting sail from this homeport towards south-of-the-border fun along Mexico’s Pacific coast!

So, Long Beach, you're wondering what to expect from Fun Italian Style? Grab your movie star sunglasses and throw on a scarf - just for style - as you make your entrance at Piazza Duomo, named for Florence's iconic domed cathedral. To get a taste for onboard flavor and flair, check out spots like the elegant three-course Michelangelo and Medici Restaurants, traditional Italian foods, cocktails and more at Il Viaggio, plus Italian street food spot La Strada Grill. You're even going to find an Italian market, Il Mercato, featuring faves like sauced-up meatballs, sandwiches with inspiration from Italy and beyond, plus sausages and salads. And since we're always authentic… most of the time, you can enjoy the fusion-y goodness of Mexican-Italian Tomodoro plus Guy's Burger Joint, which now features classics and burgers with Italian twists.

For refreshment served up in a glass, look to cocktail bar Amari, frozen drinks with a bit of attitude at Rococo, Frizzante with its three specialties (bubbly drinks, snacks and coffee!), plus classic Italian cocktails and martinis with surprising and fashionable twists (and live music too!) at Moda Bar and Lounge. Even more spots for entertainment include the classic-theater vibe of Teatro Rosso featuring Playlist Productions shows, and Tuscan Lounge paying tribute to Florence's iconic home region. Let's not forget Terrazza staterooms - we could never! - which give you a stylish, comfy place to unwind from all the fun... near a private deck featuring exclusive amenities like all-day lounging at Terrazza Moda home to great views, drinks, entertainment, whirlpools and more.

While we’re excited about the Italian side of this ship, it’s not the whole story. Carnival has some true fan-favorites we know folks will be asking for. That’s why Carnival Firenze also includes familiar flavors… starting with special dining spots like Bonsai Teppanyaki and Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse. Places to celebrate absolutely anything (or just nothing!) include Piano Bar 88 and Serenity Bar, while you can seriously kick back at Cloud 9 Spa and Serenity Adult-Only Retreat. Kids are going to love Camp Ocean, Circle “C” and Club O2 - each one is perfectly designed for a different age group. And if active/splashy fun is your thing, that’s honestly a great thing and we can tell you’re going to be spending time at WaterWorks and SportSquare, home to a ropes course, jogging track, mini golf course and outdoor fitness center.

It won’t be long, Long Beach! Carnival Firenze sets sail from your sweet shores next spring. Andiamo!

Heroes Tribute Bar & Lounge

There’s a place in our heart for heroes… and now there’s a spot to salute them! We’re talking about the military folks you can count on to take a mission that matters and get it done. You’ll find proof of our commitment to them on board at Heroes Tribute Bar & Lounge, an ongoing recognition of sacrifices made by Armed Services personnel and their families. By the way… it’s also a friendly place to grab a drink! Everybody’s welcome at this bar, so get together and raise a glass to defenders of freedom.

Tip: The glass is important! Bring home an exclusive souvenir glass and we’ll donate $1 of your purchase to Operation Homefront. (This amazing organization provides military families with rent-free housing, helping get wounded veterans and their loved ones back on their feet.)


Salud, kampai, l’chaim, mabuhay… however you toast, we make sure you get to do more of it with Cheers!, our prepaid bar package. Bartenders bring you your drinks… but never the bill. Once aboard, sign up and enjoy the ease of one flat price for drinks throughout your cruise - now that’s something to raise a glass to. (A few exclusions apply.)

Note: Cheers! is not applicable to Room Service purchases, and can only be purchased for the entire length of your cruise.

Exclusive Carnival Brews

Who says good beers should be hard to find? Not us! Now you can enjoy that vacation flavor on every ship in cans of original, Carnival-exclusive beers. Some of the fan-favorites we’ve been brewing at sea - ParchedPig West Coast IPAThirstyFrog Caribbean Wheat and ParchedPig Toasted Amber Ale - are also available as portable pints. These cans are available on every Carnival ship, along with some of our freshest brews that you’ve just gotta try: Carnival Birthday Beer, which commemorates our 50th and ParchedPig Beach Lager, which commemorates any day of sand and sun! And totally breaking the mold is our first pair of original seltzers: ThirstyFrog Pina Colada and ThirstyFrog Berry Hibiscus - canned seltzers that are actually vodka-based (for a cleaner taste) and just 99 calories per can.

Piano Bar

Play it again, Sam. Or Diana. Or whatever your name is. Because this is the bar where you call the shots… and the tunes. Hey songbird - pull up a seat, order your favorite cocktail and let your friendly piano player know what you’d like to hear. Then join the singalong for a hand-clapping, foot-tapping, finger-snapping good time. Don’t feel like flexing your vocal cords? No worries - hummingbirds are welcome here, too. And since the bar’s open from the evening until late at night, it’s the perfect spot for an early drink or singing ‘til the wee hours.

Casino Car

Winning big in the casino is big fun, and your next stop is celebrating with a top-shelf drink. Located right off the casino floor, the casino bar serves up your favorite cocktails, beer and wine, making this the perfect spot to celebrate with family, friends… and maybe even total strangers.

Master the Martini

Life’s more interesting shaken, stirred, or served with a twist. This tasting lets you choose any four flavored mini martinis, all made with premium Absolut Vodka, at a price that’s as smooth as the drinks. Choose from delights like Blackberry Bramble, Melon Crush and Florida Squeeze. Plus, once you’ve found a favorite, we'll give you the full-sized version to savor!

Cruise the Vineyards

From the soft and fruity flavor of the Merlot to the light and dry Sauvignon Blanc, for those who appreciate wine, a Cruise the Vineyard package is a must. Choose from three packages featuring selections from Italy, New Zealand, France, Australia, Germany, California, Washington and Oregon. Sip and savor favorites at a discounted price - ask your Dining Room server how.

Spa & Fitness

Cloud 9 Spa

Sometimes you just need to get away... from all that vacation. We know - sitting at home, it’s hard to imagine that, but trust us - it’s really, really nice to have a place to unwind from the day’s excitement. Escape to a world designed, from the ground up, for relaxation. Cloud 9 Spa staff are masters (or, maybe more like artists) trained in the craft of simply helping you chill. What’s their secret? Massages, facials, body wraps, thermal suites and more - plus, on certain ships, the amazing Hydrotherapy Pool - these are the tools of the trade. And the trade is ultimate relaxation.


There’s a lot to being a teen - they need to kick back, chill and sometimes even indulge just as much as adults... if not more! We understand them, which is why we’ve tailored our onboard ZSPA treatments to their unique needs. ZSPA keeps teens looking their best from head to toe, with everything from trendy hairstyles to pedicures. Okay, so it’s not all about looking good - it's about feeling great too. We make that happen, whether they want to do more for themselves with specialized fitness classes, or perhaps do a little less with relaxation and indulgence programs worth 'ooh’ing and 'ahh'ing about. So whether it’ll be your teen’s first time, or they’re already a seasoned spa pro, we speak their language at ZSPA.


Has anyone told you lately that you’re a beautiful person? We’re telling you - we like you the way you are. Now, with that said, we want to let you know that your Carnival cruise contains a Medi-spa. We’re certainly not saying that you need them, but if you’ve been thinking about Botox or Dysport treatments, this spa is a good place to do them. Get them on vacation and they’ll always be administered by our onboard Medi-spa physician, a licensed medical doctor. These are non-surgical, anti-wrinkle procedures that show results in days, and last for months, so you can keep enjoying the benefits even after you’re back home.

Fitness Classes

You can have all the will in the world, a great attitude that keeps you working hard at the gym, but still not see the results you’re hoping for. If that’s the case - or you’re just looking to shake things up with a little extra fun or challenge in your workout - check out Carnival’s selection of onboard fitness classes. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, indoor cycling or boot camp, there’s a fitness class that’ll get you the workout you need, and the instruction you need to do it right. Looking for a little extra attention? Look to personal training for a workout with that personal touch.


Lots of pins in your body - who would want that? Lots of people, clearly - acupuncture is performed all around the world, and has been used for all manner of ailments for thousands of years. Whether you’re looking to pinpoint a specific health concern or just searching for a different way to relax, our onboard, licensed acupuncturist’s table is a great place to do it. (Some common ailments that draw people to the acupuncturist? Back pain, arthritis, digestive disorders and more.)

Serenity Adult-Only Retreat

Somebody at Carnival knows just what you need, and it's pretty much exactly the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat. Look, you'll still be on the same ship as the kids, the hoopla, and all the Carnival-style excitement... but you could easily forget, because when you’re at Serenity you could not be further from it all. The world you'll find yourself in is one of complete peace, sea breezes and, of course, a nearby bar. It's the place to get done the kind of stuff you just can't seem to do anywhere else - reconnect with your partner, finish that book, or do absolutely, blissfully, nothing at all.

More Choices:

  • Massage
  • Facial Treatment
  • Men’s Spa Service
  • Hair & Beauty Salon
  • Jogging Track
  • Pools
  • Fitness Center
  • WaterWorks
  • SportsSquare
  • Mini Golf
  • Basketball
  • Ropes Course

Cherry On Top

A cruise is the perfect time to treat yourself to something sweet, and Cherry On Top happens to be the perfect place. You'll find this well-stocked candy-and-more-store not only great for enjoying some of your confectionery favorites, but the place to pick up food and apparel gifts for that special someone, even if - admit it - that someone happens to be you!

Scream for the cool stuff? Visit the ice cream counter at the Cherry On Top shops aboard Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon for a signature ice cream creation, or build your own with tons of mix-ins and topping options. And if you get the urge to eat ice cream with your hands, we won’t judge... we'll just suggest one of our all-new ice cream cookie sandwiches. We’ll build you one by hand, and stuff it full of whatever ice cream and toppings you scream for.

Dream Studio

On the same ship with the waterslides and conga lines is actually a photographic oasis. Everybody looks their best, smiles their biggest smiles on vacation... and at Dreams Studio our professional photographers beautifully capture this side of individuals, couples, groups or families. Reserve your session and your journey begins. We’ll lead you to the best photo spots on the ship, in our onboard photo studio... or even ashore in some picturesque destinations. You’ll end up with amazing prints or high-quality digital files, and don’t forget to check out our photo packages, custom photobooks, collages and large prints.

Tip: Elegant Night on your cruise makes the perfect time to capture your all-dressed-up look in refined black & white portraits!


A journey to new destinations is sure to give you a new outlook... so why not meet the experience with a new look? Treat yourself to cosmetics, fragrances and skincare items - up to 25% off retail prices. Located just steps from the heart of the ship, The Fun Shops have everything you need to pamper yourself, perfect your signature look or try out a new makeup trend with authentic top-name beauty products. Also keep an eye open for Travel Exclusives, extra-special deals on famous brands that you’ll only find on the ship. So whether oops! your favorite lipstick is in your other bag - or you’re just looking to try something new - stop in to The Fun Shops.


Since photos are a big part of how you and your crew will remember your cruise, you can rely on Carnival’s photo-pros to bring your fun side into focus - lighting and background, shutter speed and aperture know-how goes into every shot they take. You’ll find our pros all over the ship: when you’re gathered around the dining room table, as you step off the ship at your destination... and plenty of times in between. You’ll even find creative and fun backdrops around the ship that you can casually stop by and do a quick pose in front of!

Savings tip: rather than buying individual photos, you should check out our Pixels photo packages - these get you more shots for less!


Come home from your Carnival cruise looking as refreshed as you feel. The Fun Shops, located conveniently aboard the ship, let you wear your love for cruising - plus your taste for high fashion - on your sleeve. Live the cruise life with exclusive Carnival logo-wear... or the runway life with a great selection of authentic designer fashion, including the latest and hottest trends from some of the top names in fashion. Every fashionista’s dream includes tax-free and duty-free pricing, so that’s exactly what you’ll find on great looks for the entire family, right aboard your ship.

More Choices:

  • Fine Jewelry
  • Onboard Internet
  • Watches
  • Liquor
  • Accessories

Playlist Productions

Everyone has those perfect songs that never fail to get them moving. Playlist Productions brings lists like yours to life! Your favorites become full-blown musical productions featuring singers and dancers bringing down the house. Shows vary by ship, but there’s a playlist for every music lover. Need a few examples? How about the spicy sounds of Amor Cubano, the movie-magic soundtrack of FLICK, or Vintage Pop with its 20s-jazz-meets-modern-hits? Release your inner rock-n-roll patriot during America Rocks! Enter the center of groove with the passionate Heart of Soul. Feel the arena-shaking sounds of Epic Rock, the piano-pounding sounds of 88 Keys, the totally bad-meaning-good 80s Pop to the Max, plus the funky, sophisticated… and not-at-all exclusive Studio VIP, where everyone’s welcome to come and get down!

The Punchliner Comedy Club

Comedy clubs on land… well, it’s kinda funny. Nobody likes paying cover charges, and you know that two-drink minimum? They’ve gotta be joking! You won’t find either of these at The Punchliner Comedy Club aboard your Carnival cruise. Up on stage you will find some real pros who know how to wedge a little laughter into anyone’s evening. You can count on these comedians to not hold back either. Since some of them get up and say exactly what’s on their mind, we also schedule family-friendly performances… so the only red faces in the audience are from laughing a little too hard.

Tip: We’ll say it again - The Punchliner Comedy Club features some shows that are family-friendly and some adult-only. You can choose which ones you attend! To help plan your evening, check the Fun Times - it’s delivered daily to your stateroom.

Drive-In Movies

Ready to see stars? Park yourself in front of the big screen - the really big screen - and settle in for some true stars with Dive-In Movies at Carnival Seaside Theater. From the comfort of your poolside lounge chair you'll enjoy sporting events and recent blockbuster films. Or bring your suit and take in all this action from the pool itself! The screen is big and beautiful so every seat is the perfect one, but it’s more than just the view… it’s the breeze, and the joy of enjoying some great entertainment together. So come out for a show and try to remember a breezier night you’ve spent at the theater.

Deal or No Deal

You know the game show with the briefcases stuffed full of money, a big red button and a mysterious banker phoning in deals? Yep, you’ve seen it on TV... and now you’ll find it on your next Carnival cruise. When it comes to Deal or No Deal at sea, there are actually TWO ways you could win - and only one of them is reserved for the lucky contestant up on the stage! It works like this: buy a game card (or save money by buying two or three), and each card you hold gives you another chance to be randomly selected to take the stage and play the fan-favorite game of eliminating briefcases throughout the rounds for a shot at $1,000. But even if you’re not selected, you’re still in the game - matches on your game card let you move up the prize board. (And up to $5,000 goes to lucky cardholders in the audience!) Of course it’s 18+ to play, but everyone’s welcome to watch the fun from the studio audience. Deal?

More Choices:

  • Karaoke
  • Piano Bar
  • Live Music
  • Nightclub

Build-A-Bear Workshop at Sea

A Carnival cruise gives kids plenty of chances to make new friends… but never before quite like this. When kids visit the Build-A-Bear Workshop At Sea, they use their little hands and big creativity to bring a new stuffed friend to life. They can customize their furry friend from head to toe by choosing the bear, clothing and accessories. The cuddly bears are actually just the beginning - these stuffed friends come in all shapes, like a dog, bunny, shark, The Cat in the Hat… even a bear with a special Carnival-exclusive design! There’s all these great choices, and here’s one more: the special St. Jude bear. When you choose this one, the proceeds will benefit the kids of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

Cherry On Top

A cruise is the perfect time to treat yourself to something sweet, and Cherry On Top happens to be the perfect place. You'll find this well-stocked candy-and-more-store not only great for enjoying some of your confectionery favorites, but the place to pick up food and apparel gifts for that special someone, even if - admit it - that someone happens to be you!

Scream for the cool stuff? Visit the ice cream counter at the Cherry On Top shops aboard Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon for a signature ice cream creation, or build your own with tons of mix-ins and topping options. And if you get the urge to eat ice cream with your hands, we won’t judge… we’ll just suggest one of our all-new ice cream cookie sandwiches. We’ll build you one by hand, and stuff it full of whatever ice cream and toppings you scream for.


Since photos are a big part of how you and your crew will remember your cruise, you can rely on Carnival’s photo-pros to bring your fun side into focus - lighting and background, shutter speed and aperture know-how goes into every shot they take. You’ll find our pros all over the ship: when you’re gathered around the dining room table, as you step off the ship at your destination… and plenty of times in between. You’ll even find creative and fun backdrops around the ship that you can casually stop by and do a quick pose in front of!

Savings tip: rather than buying individual photos, you should check out our Pixels photo packages - these get you more shots for less!


Here’s where you come in! The Atrium - the entrance to the ship and to vacation itself - is your first impression of all the fun to come. We make sure that this, the very heart of the ship, screams “welcome aboard the fun!” With multi-level panoramic views, the Atrium gives you the perfect place to enjoy all the hustle and bustle. There’s always music playing here, whether it’s a live band or a party-pumping DJ, plus enjoy events throughout the day or a drink at the bar, anytime. This 360-degree funspot is also home to the Guest Services desk, the place you go if you have questions for one of our certified fun experts… about just about anything that’s on your mind.

Military Appreciation

At Carnival we have special ways of recognizing the service of U.S. and Canadian military members and veterans. It begins with military discounts on cruise fare… but it doesn't end there! Whether you're active or retired, come out and join us at the Military Appreciation Gathering - held on absolutely every cruise - where we honor the courage and commitment made by soldiers… and of course, their families as well. In addition to the event, there's also a chance for veterans, and those who matter to them, to gather around the reserved table and share stories at the Veterans' Tea Time Meet & Greet.

On a few of our newest ships, we’ve been able to set aside space for a dedicated spot where folks can gather in recognition of heroes, all cruise long! We call it Heroes Tribute Bar & Lounge, and it’s a welcoming place for anyone to come enjoy a drink - and raise that glass, of course.

Finally, let’s not forget about Carnival’s support for Operation Homefront. This incredible organization provides military families with rent-free housing, helping get wounded veterans and their loved ones back on their feet… a cause that’s so important to us.

Art Games

Art is full of emotion, and as your Carnival ship sails, you’ll have the chance to experience art truly in motion... during lively onboard art games! Nobody would mistake this vacation for a ‘still life’ - these action-packed competitions truly ‘pop,’ giving you a chance to try your hand at ‘impressionism’ - showing what you know about the dollars and cents of art valuation. But leave your dollars and cents in your pocket - it’s always free to play, even though we’ve raised the stakes... in this game, there’s an artful prize on the line.

More Choices:

  • Bingo
  • Dreams Studio
  • Onboard Internet
  • Mini Golf
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Games
  • Art Seminars
  • Video Arcade
  • Art Auctions
  • Basketball
  • Master the Martini
Kids & Teens

Space Cruisers

Exploration is an important part of the Carnival cruise experience, but why stop at the seas? For cruisers aged 2–11, there’s a new vacation experience called Space Cruisers, which introduces kids at Camp Ocean to the wonder of space exploration. We’re doing it in partnership with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, so budding astronomy fans can enjoy the authenticity of NASA-inspired activities to help them blast off to a love of the cosmos. Activities vary by Camp Ocean age group, but some include building and racing Mars Rovers, designing and testing bridge physics, playing space-themed bingo, plus hands-on learning about how objects orbit in space. And completing “missions” will even earn you a special exclusive mission patch! Space Cruisers debuts on Carnival Celebration, and is coming to the rest of the fleet. 3, 2, 1... FUN!


Cruises are great for relaxing... unless you’re a kid! Since kids have virtually unlimited energy - and you know they definitely bring it with them on vacation - your Carnival cruise will get your kids moving and developing with Zumbini, created by Zumba & BabyFirst. On every sailing, kids 2–5 years old will enjoy a free 30-minute Zumbini class that brings together the same musical fun that families love on land. The class features Zumbini songs, activities, special instruments and more, all in the name of movement. And on sailings six days or longer, we’ll be hosting a Family Zumbini class where parents can join their kids and our youth staff for guided activities focusing on parent-child bonding… and, of course, fun!

Camp Ocean

The little ones can enjoy the best parts of summer camp, year-round aboard their Carnival cruise. At Camp Ocean kids will have a blast in supervised, age-based groups and give each a cool marine-life label: Penguins (2 to 5 years), Stingrays (6 to 8 years) and Sharks (9 to 11 years). Together with their group they’ll enjoy tons of fun-filled, age-appropriate activities like arts and crafts, songs, games, toys, dancing, movies and video games. When it’s mealtime, kids eat together and get their own menus with back-on-land faves like mac & cheese, chicken nuggets and more. The whole time, our experienced counselors will be there to make sure everyone in these small groups has an amazing time. Plus, when the sun goes down it’s Night Owls time - fees apply, but kids get to stay up late having fun while their parents also enjoy themselves well into the night.

Circle “C”

What does the C in Circle “C” stand for? Well… how about “cruise,” “chill” and “connect”? (Just to name a few, of course.) It’s the onboard spot where teens ages 12 to 14 go to hang out, meet new friends, and enjoy some pretty awesome activities. Like what? Think dance parties, games, outdoor movies and more, some in the exclusive Circle “C” lounge and others around the ship. These are all supervised by the friendly and fun-loving counselors who make sure teens have the best vacation ever.

Club O2

Your parents deserve a nice vacation... but then again, so do you. So let’s let them go do their thing while you do yours. Where to? Club O2. Hang out doing stuff like watching movies, listening to music from this decade, playing sports and video games, joining karaoke jam sessions... maybe even attending Carnival’s version of prom, all with other high schoolers ages 15 to 17.

Night Owls

Think back - as a kid, was there anything better than times you got to stay up late? Even as an adult, nighttime is funtime, especially with all there is to do on your Carnival cruise. We have the perfect thing for you AND for your kids, and it’s called “Night Owls"! For a nominal fee, kids 11 and under can fun it up with others their age until as late as 1 a.m. They’ll enjoy music, activities, games and giveaways at supervised parties while you enjoy... whatever it is you do at night these days, all without a worry.

More Choices:

  • Seuss at Sea
  • SportSquare
  • Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop at Sea
  • Seuss-a-palooza Story Time
  • Dive-In Movies
  • Pools
  • Seuss-a-palooza Parade
  • Dr. Seuss Bookville
  • Cherry On Top
  • ZSpa
  • Mini Golf
  • Video Arcade
  • Basketball
  • Arts and Crafts 
  • Ropes Course

Carnival Players Club

Joining the Carnival Players Club is easy and, best of all, free. In fact, if we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting you at one of our onboard casinos, you may already be a member!

But if you’re just getting started, here’s how it works. Guests 18 years or older can join and earn points while playing at our table games and slots. The more points you earn, the more benefits you’ll get - like free drinks while you play and private invitations to Carnival Premier Cruises Indicates external site which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Opens in a new tab. and tournaments Indicates external site which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Opens in a new tab..

To make sure you’re making the most of your play, keep your Sail & Sign card inserted when playing slots, or present your card to the dealer when playing at a table. Once aboard, see your Casino Host for more details.

Casino Prize Games

Try to keep your excitement under control - at least for the time being - because you're gonna need a steady hand and a little luck to win at our casino prize games. There are cash prizes and awesome electronics at stake, so when you win, you win big. At that point, feel free to go a little crazy, jump up and down if that's your thing… because you and your steady hand are winners!

Table Games

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or it’s your first time at the table, we have a game for you: roulette, craps, poker, blackjack and more! We’ve even got fun variations on these, like PokerPro tables and Carnival’s own Fun 21 to keep the games fresh. Whether you take your stakes high or low, your table’s ready. We’ve got your favorites, but if you’re ready to sit down and try something new, our friendly casino staff will be glad to show you the ropes.

Don’t forget to bring your Sail & Sign Card when playing your favorite table games. You’ll get rated for your play AND earn points towards Drinks On Us!, Carnival’s free drinks program.


Mega Deck Party

If a deck party has the power to bring together friendly rivals BlueIguana and RedFrog, you can imagine what the Mega Deck Party can do for vacationers like you! Show up to the open-air Lido Deck pool area ready to have a good time under the stars. The ship’s DJ, cruise director and entertainment staff will be on-hand to get things going… and keep everyone moving. And when we say “everyone,” that means guests of all ages are welcome at this party! Make the most of your evening with games, giveaways, line dances - and more - well into the night.

80s Night

Your cruise features 80s Night, so when the sun goes down you know things are gonna get bad... bad meaning good! The fun starts with a Playlist Productions show and, since everybody just wants to have fun, features an evening of themed parties that will have you wondering if the ship’s, like, sailing back in time. Just in case we do hit 88 knots, wear your hair big and we’ll up this journey to the max with DJs spinning some righteous tunes from the heyday of music videos, one illin’ 80s dance contest, plus a class to totally teach you how to bust a move. Rad!

Groove for St. Jude

Any cruise can move you, but a Carnival cruise can move you to support a great cause like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! Come on out to Groove For St. Jude - where we're grooving on every sailing - and make a small donation to help us move towards finding cures and saving children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We’ll hand you a t-shirt and wristband, but be sure to bring your dancing shoes because you getting down helps raise money and awareness for kids in need.

Holidays Aboard

You don’t need a reason to celebrate... but if you want one, look no further than your calendar. Every Carnival cruise is a celebration - especially on holidays - but we truly go all-out for a few special dates throughout the year. This makes the ship a great place to call home for a while, gathering with your friends and family. For one thing, there’s Halloween all October long, where costumes at sea are just the beginning. When Thanksgiving comes along, it calls for a feast... with absolutely no cooking on your part. Christmas festivities are a big deal, combining solemn traditions with jolly fun… and a huge tree. Finally, we close out the year - and begin the next one - with New Year’s Eve traditions like a huge party... and the party isn’t complete without an after-party. Ready to celebrate? Plan your cruise for the right dates and you’re in for even more festive fun.

Sailaway Party

There are two kinds of people - land people and sea people. Unless they were born on a pirate ship or something, pretty much everybody starts out as a land person. And look, there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s a process for becoming a sea person, and the Caribbean Sailaway Party on your first Carnival cruise is where the transformation occurs. It’s actually pretty easy: get there and... you’re in the club and ready to celebrate! (Then, on your second Carnival cruise - and let’s be honest, you’ll be back - strap on your sea legs, find a cruise newbie and join them in a toast to the great times to come.)


Bonsai Teppanyaki

The teppanyaki chef’s attention to craft is front-and-center… in fact it’s right there at your table! One part meal, one part performance - and all parts unforgettable - the Bonsai Teppanyaki experience is set to delight guests first aboard Carnival Horizon. Take a little time out of your vacation to gather around a large shared table for a meal that’s not even a little ordinary. The experience begins with a curated selection of traditional tastes, followed by a choice of tempting appetizers before your chef expertly prepares the main course, which features selections like filet mignon, grilled tofu or a seriously impressive array of fish, shrimp and lobster. (Trouble choosing one? Choose a combo!) In the teppanyaki tradition - and Carnival’s tradition of fun - expect an interactive, satisfying meal full of surprising spectacles, delicious delight… and, you know, flying food.

Tip: Definitely make lunch or dinner reservations because this intimate restaurant has limited seating.

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast

Pack your imagination, but don’t forget your appetite as the whole family embarks on a breakfast that’s part meal, and part journey into the deliciously whimsical world of Dr. Seuss.

Sit down to a truly fantastical feast at the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast with The Cat in the Hat and Friends. Bright colors and patterns decorate your table, which features fun and unique menus.

Feast! Feast! Feast! Lose yourself exploring a delicious menu where you’ll find “Green Eggs and Ham,” brightly colored fruit, gravity-defying pancake stacks, funky french toast, “Moose Juice” ‘n’ “Goose Juice”… and much more. (Classic breakfast offerings are available as well.) Breakfast is also the perfect time to meet and greet the stars of Dr. Seuss - characters will be around for special photo opportunities and fun interactions, making this a meal to remember.

Lido Marketplace

Featuring an amazing variety of casual dining spots, each just a few flip-flopped steps from the last, Lido Marketplace always has a special something ready to satisfy your latest craving spectacularly. Here we do it with dozens of what-to-eat options… great choices like BBQ, a deli counter, salad bar, an Asian station and a pasta bar… plus one spot where the chef serves up a different surprise daily! At Lido Marketplace, there’s tons of indoor and outdoor seating made for gathering around, so you can enjoy your personal faves in your favorite company for lunch or dinner, or even breakfast! Lido’s also where you can find soft serve, frozen yogurt and fresh pizza… which so far seems to be enough to satisfy everybody.


Got room for dessert? Sure you do! Swirls lets you enjoy the sweeter side of brain freeze with a treat that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear. Choose from chocolate, vanilla or strawberry… or make your own mix swirled as high as you can balance it. Open on Lido deck until midnight, our frozen yogurt and soft-serve ice cream is a sweet way to beat the heat, plus makes the perfect nightcap after a long evening of fun.

Coffee Bar

Pause your vacation and treat yourself to a well-deserved break with a specialty coffee drink or freshly-brewed tea… plus some delicious homemade pastries. Or, for an even sweeter option, stop by for a milkshake, slice of cake or cookie.

Special Diets

We don’t all have the luxury of dropping our diets when we go on vacation. If you’ve got an eye on what crosses your plate, we’ve got your back. Carnival’s chefs are specially-trained to prepare food options for a variety of diets - vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, Indian vegetarian, or food low in carbs, fat, sugar or cholesterol - so you don’t have to let your dietary restrictions restrict you from having a great time. Or from having seconds.

More Choices:

  • Pizza Delivery
  • Steakhouse
  • Dining Room
  • Seafood Shack
  • 24-Hour Room Service
  • Bonsai Sushi
  • The Chef’s Table
  • Seaday Brunch
  • Pizzeria del Capitano
  • Steakhouse Selections
  • The Carnival Deli
  • Kids’ Menus
  • Bottomless Bubbles
  • Dining Room Breakfast
  • Kids’ Meals for Campers
  • Sweet Spot
Ship Facts
  • Inaugural Cruise: 2024
  • Guest Capacity: 4,126 (double occupancy)
  • Length: 1,061 ft
  • Beam: 122 ft
  • Speed: 18 knots
  • Gross Tonnage: 135,156
  • Crew: 1,424
Interior Upper/Lower
Category Code(s)
Description These staterooms are great for a pair of cruisers on a budget, creatively maximizing space with a different layout - featuring one Twin bed and an upper Pullman.
Category Code(s)
Description This is an affordable way to cruise without leaving out the comfort or convenience! Great for curling up after a long day of fun.
Interior w/ Picture Window
Category Code(s)
Description Your picture window (walkway view) gives you a view beyond your stateroom, to the observation deck outside, including a great sky view. (Note: view will be partially obstructed.)
Ocean View
Category Code(s)
Description A picture window gives you views of scenery you won’t find anywhere on land, all from the comfort of your stateroom.
Deluxe Ocean View w/ Obstructed View
Category Code(s)
Description Deluxe Ocean View staterooms are great for families, featuring a full bathroom - plus a separate washroom. (Note that rooms of this type have obstructed views.)
Cove Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description Cove Balcony staterooms get you close to the waterline, and feature balconies that let you make the most of your location, for one amazing up-close view of the wake and sea foam as the ship cruises along.
Category Code(s)
Description Balcony staterooms were designed for maximum sea breeze and the most stunning views. Cruise with a view and be just steps away from your own personal outdoor oasis.
Aft-View Extended Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description Aft-View Extended Balcony staterooms feature a larger balcony for more lounge-around room, more kick-back space... not to even mention some of the best views. Get ready to relax as you gaze upon the ship's gentle wake from your spacious balcony.
Premium Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description We designed balcony staterooms for maximum sea breeze and the most stunning views, and this stateroom features a balcony that's even wider than our standard balcony for extra outdoor space.
Balcony Guarantee
Category Code(s)
Description Any Ocean View Stateroom, depending on availability.
Interior Guarantee
Category Code(s)
Description Any Ocean View Stateroom, depending on availability.
Ocean Suite w/ Obstructed View
Category Code(s)
Description An Ocean Suite lets you experience a private, spacious relaxation... more space for stretching out indoors, including a walk-in closet and bathroom with whirlpool tub, plus a large balcony for kicking back outdoors. (Note that rooms of this type have obstructed views.)
Ocean View Guarantee
Category Code(s)
Description Any Ocean View Stateroom, depending on availability.
Terrazza Interior
Category Code(s)
Description A cozy, classic stateroom decked out with Italian flair… plus amenities like exclusive access to a private deck featuring all-day lounging with great drinks, entertainment, whirlpools and more. (All Terrazza stateroom guests must be 12 or older.)
Terrazza Cabana
Category Code(s)
Description A Terrazza Cabana stateroom gets you real estate on one of the most desirable addresses on the ship: your very own lounging patio, complete with deck chairs and a hammock. Plus, you'll have easy access to the exclusive private deck featuring all-day lounging with great drinks, entertainment, whirlpools and more. (All Terrazza stateroom guests must be 12 or older.)
Terrazza Aft-View Extended Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description A balcony made for watching the ship’s calm wake as we sail along, plus an interior with Italian style on the inside. That’s your Terrazza Aft-View Extended Balcony! Well, that and exclusive access to a private deck featuring all-day lounging with great drinks, entertainment, whirlpools and more. (All Terrazza stateroom guests must be 12 or older.)
Terrazza Premium Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description When you want the most sea breeze and the amazing views - but you also want Italian style to match - a Terrazza Premium Balcony might be just the thing. An extra-wide balcony is just one of the perks… but don’t forget exclusive access to a private deck featuring all-day lounging with great drinks, entertainment, whirlpools and more. (All Terrazza stateroom guests must be 12 or older.)
Terrazza Premium Vista Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description If you’re all about living the Terrazza life while you cruise… we like your style, and have just the room for you. There’s tons of Italian flair on the inside, but what’s outside counts too! And in this case it’s an incredible wraparound balcony for luxurious private lounging with a sea breeze. But don’t spend all your time here: you also have exclusive access to a private deck featuring all-day lounging with great drinks, entertainment, whirlpools and more. (All Terrazza stateroom guests must be 12 or older.)

Please note: Stateroom images and features are samples only. Actual furniture, fixtures, colors, configurations and window/porthole views may vary.

Stateroom Legend
  • Stateroom Legend
  • 1A Interior Upper/Lower
  • 4A Interior
  • 4B Interior
  • 4C Interior
  • 4D Interior
  • 4E Interior
  • 4F Interior
  • 4G Interior
  • 4H Interior
  • 4I Interior
  • 4J Interior w/ Picture Window
  • 6A Ocean View
  • 6B Ocean View
  • 6L Deluxe Ocean View w/ Obstructed View
  • 6M Deluxe Ocean View w/ Obstructed View
  • 7C Cove Balcony
  • 8A Balcony
  • 8B Balcony
  • 8C Balcony
  • 8D Balcony
  • 8E Balcony
  • 8F Balcony
  • 8G Balcony
  • 8H Balcony
  • 8M Aft-View Extended Balcony
  • 9B Premium Balcony
  • BL Balcony Guarantee
  • IS Interior Guarantee
  • OS Ocean Suite w/ Obstructed View
  • OV Ocean View Guarantee
  • TA Terrazza Interior
  • TE Terrazza Cabana
  • TI Terrazza Aft-View Extended Balcony
  • TL Terrazza Premium Balcony
  • TM Terrazza Premium Vista Balcony
Stateroom Symbol Legend
  • Stateroom Symbol Legend
  • Twin Bed & Single Convertible
  • 2 Twin Beds (convert to King) & 1 Upper
  • 2 Twin Beds (convert to King) and Single Convertible Sofa
  • Stateroom with 2 Porthole Windows
  • 2 Twin Beds (convert to King) & Double Convertible Sofa
  • 2 Twin Beds (convert to King) & 2 Uppers
  • Twin beds do not convert to a king-size bed
  • Unisex Wheelchair Accessible Restroom
  • Connecting Staterooms (Ideal for families & groups of friends)
  • 2 Twin Beds (convert to King), Double Sofa Bed and 1 Lower Pullman
  • All accommodations are non-smoking
  • 2 Twin Beds (convert to King) & Double Convertible Sofa
  • 2 Twin Beds (convert to King), Single Convertible Sofa & Upper
  • Queen-Size Bed, Single Convertible Sofa and Upper
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Deck 15

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Carnival Cruise Line
If you're thinking of cruising, there's a very good chance you're considering a Carnival cruise. Growing since our founding in 1972, Carnival Cruise Line - "The World's Most Popular Cruise Line" - now carries millions of guests every year. Plus we're so pumped about our latest ships, Carnival Jubilee, which set sail last December… and Carnival Firenze, now sailing from Long Beach!

Carnival Cruise Line is proud to be part of a family of companies owned by Carnival Corporation, which includes sister lines Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and Cunard Line, among others.

In a nutshell… we’re all about fun vacations at sea and ashore! A Carnival cruise features day and nighttime entertainment like stage shows, musical performances, deck parties, casinos and more. (Like what? Like waterslides!) We invite our guests to come as they are, and we make everyone feel right at home with comfy staterooms, attentive service, casual and elegant dining, plus a variety of bars and gathering places indoors and out. Guests enjoy this unique experience against the backdrop of some of the world's most beautiful seaports.

Our 27 ships operate 2- to 29-day voyages, departing from every coast in the U.S. While we’re best known for Caribbean cruises, we sail to other exotic and amazing destinations like Mexico, Alaska, The Bahamas, Europe and Hawaii. Additionally, Carnival Cruise Line Australia has two ships, and offers cruises from Sydney and Brisbane to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
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